We welcome new patients

When you first arrive at Kowhai Chiropractic

you will be welcomed by our friendly reception staff. You will be given new patient forms to fill out.

Please expect to spend around 45 minutes with us on your first visit.

PHONE : 03 318 8866 or 021 283 8892

We’ve got your back

Kowhai Chiropractic


Your Chiropractor will discuss your health concerns and goals and see if chiropractic is likely to help you.

Kowhai Chiro reception room


Your Chiropractor will perform a thorough, tailored examination of your spine as well as checking your general health and doing a “top to toe” examination.

Together we will figure out

  • what hurts
  • why it hurts
  • what caused the problem.


chiropractor with new patient

Medical imaging

If needed, your Chiropractor will refer you for medical imaging in order to obtain a detailed understanding of the condition of your spine as well as locate any possible bone abnormalities or fractures, so we better understand your spinal health.

Chiro examines xray