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Chiropractor Julianya

Darfield Chiropractor | Julianya Jay, DC LRCC

My job is to free up muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves so your body can heal itself and get on with its job of looking after you.

I’m originally from the United States and lived in Wales for 18 years before moving to New Zealand, so I have a very strange accent! I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful, friendly part of the world.

I discovered chiropractic care to help manage pain associated with scoliosis as a teenager, and was impressed with the thorough, holistic, and non-invasive care I received.

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I’m a rower, a kayaker, and a keen gardener;
As a rower I need to ensure my whole body is strong and comfortable, so that my joints and muscles back each other up.
I find regular chiropractic treatment makes me a much happier crewmate.
As a gardener, I look forward to giving plants the right ingredients and the right environment and watching them thrive; it’s not dissimilar to what I do as a chiropractor, actually.

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